Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Goose and Moose!

During our 14 Day stay in Alaska, the travel guides had two messages to tell us,  it was repeated to us many several times:

1.  If you see a black bear don't run, just stay away from it and go about doing what you were doing.  They don't want to be near humans as much as we don't want to be near them.  It is a mutual respect, so to speak.

2.  Don't get near moose.  They are offended that you are in their territory, they will do their best to do you in.  Especially female moose, they are territorial.  Seriously, don't go near one, period.

So, we were sitting, waiting at a bus stop in Denali National Park, in front of the Rangers' Visitors' Center when Anna looked up and saw a statue of a moose, standing there, that we haven't noticed before.  It blinked and took a step towards us.
A female moose!  The most dangerous!
We scattered.  Except me.  I credit this picture to stupidity  instead of bravery.

I should have known, I am invisible to most living beings.  The moose strolled right pass me like I wasn't there.  I think I was close enough to pull her ear as a joke.  But wisely, I did not.


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