Wednesday, July 18, 2018

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Benjamin!

The New Puppet and Straight Man Act

She Said She Didn't Do It

Sunday, the FBI arrested Russian Muria Butima on spy charges.  It had something to do with trying to get close to the top Republicans in the hierarchy of the NRA. 

Although the FBI has all the evidence to prove her spying crime Ms Butima denied it.  It appears that Trump’s rule of justice, if you deny what you are charged with, that overrules  evidence…. Right?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Carving the Eagle

Hiding - Is He Gone Yet?

Is he gone yet?


OK, I'm starting over and getting it right this time!

Benjamin's 3rd Birthday Party!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD Comic #5 Poke at the Black Hawks

Story by Harvey Kurtzman (editor) and illustrated by Wally Wood.
Click to enlarge to make the balloons and action understandable

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

J.D.'S Restaurants

For years we have been eating at J.D.’S BBQ on Bells Ferry Road.   Then a 2nd J.D.’S BBQ opened in Acworth on the Old 41 Highway.   I think I like it more.  Maybe it is the decorations that I like better.  Inside the Bells Ferry J.D.S the focal point in a wall full of old license plates attached.  The Acworth J.D.’S had placed antiques and the meat seems to be tastier.
Now J.D. has bought a 3rd eatery, also on Bells Ferry Road, at the Little River Landing bridge.  Today we went, and as yet there is not barbecue.  They have sandwiches, shrimp, cat fish, prime rib, and Low Country boil.   It is in an old weathered building that was serving mostly boaters and fishermen.  The weathered building gives it atmosphere and looking over the tributary to Alltoona Lak is nice and scenic too.
The food was nice,  and maybe a little more costlier than the other two.  I don’t think the cost ran anybody off, the place was crowded with yuppies. 
By the way, for a while the restaurant was owned by a movie company that a lot of the series OZARK took place in the restaurant.  I either heard or read that star j
Jason Bateman bought the restaurant.  So maybe J.D. bought it from Jason
Another thing I would like to throw in that has nothing to so with the restaurant but with me, after all, this is my blog.  Coming up Bells Ferry Road I realized we are in the Kellogg Creek area.  My ancestor Eugene Hargrave Tyson, in 1832, had a land lot in the Kellogg Creek  to mine for gold.  True. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Less Injury Claims

Not that this Zodiac Sagittarius sign has any anything to do with it, but a fact is a fact: 

Less injured insurance claims are made by Sagittarians than any other Zodiac group. (per Uncle John's Bathroom Reader).

Maybe that bow and arrow or the half man-half horse Centaur scares them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trump Keeps On Trucking

Benjamin and his Giggle Box

May 2018.  Click on picture to enlarge.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Wandered Into an Evil Trap!

I wandered into an Evil Trap.  Lately I have been studying movie editing programs.  I have narrowed my search to about six.  I have been going back and forth between them studying different facts.
Since I was clicking on their links so often I thought it would be more time efficient to make them as my favorites.  I first tried it.  I marked one as a favorite, then I clicked on Favorites to see how easy it would be to find.  I don’ think it was there.

But while in my Favorites I decided to review My Favorites to refresh myself on what I thought at one time was my favorites. 

The first one I looked at was BUDDY’S BLOG.   “What is Buddy’s Blog”  I wondered.  I clicked on it and immediately saw it was cartoonist Bud Pearson’s blog.  Bud had a very witty blog.  He I the creator of THE PIHRANNA CLUB comic strip, which he quit it about a half year ago. 

I clicked on it to see if he was keeping up his blog.  As soon as I clicked on it had a menu selection.  The top one was articles.  I clicked on it.


Things started blinking on and off an a woman’s voice told me I have entered a porno site and they are freezing where I could not get out until I pay a ransom amount.
I hit everything I could think of to leave, it would not let me.

Then, for whatever reason, something popped up and said, “would you like to leave this site?”  I clicked the “yes” selection and suddenly I was on my Windows 10 screen.


Sunday, July 08, 2018


Story by Editor Harvey Kurtzman, Illustrated by Will Elder.  Ironically, this story is making fun of horror comics, such as TALES FROM THE CRYPT which that and MAD was published by EC Comics.  Study the very funny irreverent details Will Elder added.  

also click on each picture to read the balloons and see the details

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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Book Report of Bob Dylan's Life Story

This is my e-book report on ONCE UPON A TIME: THE MANY LIVES OF BOB DYLAN By Ian Bell. 

First of all let me give myself credit for reading such a huge book digitally. I think it was equal to being over 500 material pages.  And many of the paragraphs were huge without a breaking or pause point.  With my short- attention span very long paragraphs are a challenge.  Also as I get older other than my attention span gets shorter, but so does my retention vat.  I should have taken notes, I find it easier to remember if I write down notes… or used to, anyway.  But also as I get older my notes become illegible scrawls that I can’t read anyway.  

Now that I have got past the "Its all about m" part:

 Bob Dylan was born Jewish,  with the name Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941., in Duluth, Minnesota.  A few years after he was born they moved to Hibby, Minnesota.

The book does a critical study of Bob Dylan.  He also covers just about every song Dylan has written and recorded, his movements, the changes he has went through, and a brief run-down of world history often.  It appears Ian Bell did not are for  Bob Dylan, but to do such a researched study he had to be fascinated by the guy.

Dylan has changed is style or type of music almost as often as he changed pants (just a metaphor).   He started off with a teenage “garage band” and within a year living in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, scrounging for a place to sleep at night.  He dropped his rock for protest songs, and then dropped that for country, then religious almost gospel then on to something else.

He almost completely dropped his Jewish religious upbringing.

Some of his fans let out a Howl when he brought his electric guitar to the Newport Festival because they felt it took out the purity of folk music..  Speaking of “Howl”, he rubbed elbows with beat poet Allen Gingsburg.

He wanted to be near the great.  The first years in New York, he visited protest singer Woody Guthrie (“This Land Is Your Land”) in the hospital in New Jersey often.  Ian Bell vaguely insinuated that once Dylan made singer/songwriter John Prine get out of his car and walk when Prine was criticizing  Bob’s latest song he had written and asked Prine what he thought of it.

He also went to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to visit poet Carl Sandburg, who lived with his sister on a goat farm.  It was an unannounced visit an Carl Sandburg didn’t know who he was.  He did not stay very long, like minutes.

Ian Bell pointed out that if someone crashed on Dylan’s privacy he would be furious, which he proved many times.

Some Dylan fans believe that Bob Dylan has mystic senses.  According to the book he is self-centered, all about himself and his independence.  However, by to his mystic connections:  A true story:

In the Spring of 1975 a sick driver of a pickuip truck apparently lost conscious, ran a red-light and hit me and my Gremlin.  He was on his way to he drug store to get a refill on his medicine.  He went through the windshield and it cost him his life.  The impact knocked me on the other side of the car and then rolled, leaving me turned upside down.  My car radio was playing, “Blood On The Tracks”.
(I was not through with the "It's all about me."

Friday, July 06, 2018

Trump and Warren Feud

click on picture to enlarge

Spending Fools

There are two Trump mimics who are running for Governor of Georgia.  Both say they are Trump conservatives.  Trump is their hero and they want to be just like him.

One waves his shotgun around  and the other penalized a company that didn't give NRA members a discount.  Whew!

If either of the two gets it I hope they don’t do like Trump and try hire people who loves to spend tax payers money in luxury ways such as Trump's picks  Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, and Tom Price.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Trump and Home Runs


The President said he is working very hard on deciding on  his nomination for a Supreme Court Justice.  He said in a “of course” kind of way that his pick will be a “home run” like his other picks.

While we are talking about Trump’s picks, EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt resigned today.  Were Pruitt and Tom Price home runs?

Deaths, Summer 30 Years ago

Thirty years ago, was the Summer of Death for my family and in-laws, and co-workers.

Memorial for Joe Wilke's Children at Noonday Baptist Church Cemetery

It started June 6, 1988, my mother’s birthday.  We had just bought a Chrysler Voyager van and went over for her birthday dinner and to show off our new van.  I remember she was so short she had a hard time getting in and out of it.  On our ride she told me I have been neglecting Daddy, and I needed to visit him more often.
On the way home that evening the traffic was backed up at the Bells Ferry Road and 4-Lane Intersection.  Many police cars and some ambulances were there with flashing lights.
When I went to work early the next morning I learned that our co-worker Joe Wilke’s wife tried making a left turn onto on-coming traffic and was hit, killing their three children.  His wife survived.
Joe is deaf.  He had a hard time with that.  He divorced his wife and decided he wanted to be alone as much as possible, bought some mountain land in Fannin County.  On his off days he and his dog spent their away from civilization on his new property.  At night he slept in his car and tied his dog to a tree outside.  One morning, when he got up his dog was bloody and almost dead.  Apparently, a bear came into their area and the dog barked at the bear and it mauled the dog.  Joe, being deaf, did not hear it.  Joe had to have his friend put down.
Joe bought him a motorcycle and some people think he moved to Florida and with a gang of bikers. 

About 26 days after Joe’s children’s deaths, in early July, on Sunday Morning we got a phone call from our sister-in-law, Anna’s brother Tommy’s wife, Thelma.  Thelma said something terrible had happened to Tommy.
Tommy and friends were spending time at Lake Juliette north of Griffin.  Like Juliette was built by Tommy and his co-workers.  They had built it for Georgia Power.  I think they had a deer camp there.  One of Tommy’s friends were rowing a boat and Tommy was swimming alongside him.  They were talking.  His friend said something   that would require a reply, and none came.  Tommy wasn’t there. 
The authorities looked and looked in the lake for the body and could not find it.  It surfaced in October 1989, about 15 months later.
After Thelma called it was up to us to notify her Dad and Mom.  It was Sunday morning, they would be in Church.  Anna is  good detective, somehow she figured they were visiting her mother’s sister’s church, Maple Avenue Methodist Church.  Anna called her cousin Stan, son of the sister, he lived in the area of the church and Stan went to the church and notified them.
We went to be with them.  They were very upset.

Twelve days later, two days before my birthday, my mother called and said Daddy was very sick and he would not let them take him to the hospital.  I drove over to their house and convinced he needed to go and have them check him over.  He reluctantly went with me.
While I was in the examining room with him with medical people coming and going I could see he was worried.  I wanted to tell him I loved him but could not work up the gumption.  We didn’t do that in our family.   I regret that.
He died later that day. 

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