Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The Outlaws of Philadelphia

While reviewing some old pictures early this morning I came across this batch.  They were taken in Philadelphia, in the Independence Hall area, in about 1988, on July the 4th.  On this trip we went to the Gettysburg Battlefield, Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home), Valley forge, and on July the 4th Independence Hall.   We planned it that way to hear Jimmy Carter speak there.  

By accident, or a detail overlooked, Rocky got to sit in the VIP section on the stand with Jimmy.   That is Adam playing a harmonica in the park next to the Liberty Bell.  And the framed outline of a house is Benjamin Franklin’s make-believe house. 
The next day we drove straight to Washington DC to the Federal Archives, with no place to park we illegally parked in a handicap space and rushed in the building (it was almost closing time) and saw the original Declaration of Independence face to face which  was just about what this vacation was all about.


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