Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Auto Trip Advisory

Saturday we went to a party in Cartersville near the old Goodyear Plant.  We know how to get to Cartersville but we did not remember where the old Goodyear Plant was.  So, we keyed it in our car’s trip electronic adviser.  We started the trip in Marietta.  I mean the adviser told us which we to turn as soon as we backed out of driveway.  We should have waited to turn it on until we got to Cartersville.

Going north on the I-75, about 5 miles north of Marietta it told us to take the exit ramp to Acworth.  Who are we to argue with a computer?  So we turned off.

The adviser advised us turn by turn and took us to Main Street Cartersville, then back to the I-75 at the exact place it advised us to get off.

And we turned it off and turned it back on Cartersville.

In the electronic trip adviser’s defense I think it may have told us to turn into Acworth because of a traffic jam on the I-75… however, the traffic jam was in the southbound lanes, not the northbound lanes we were traveling….but if that was the case, why did it put us back on in the same spot?

After the party, on the way back we went the Old 41, A.KA. the Dixie Highway, A.K.A. The 4-Lane,  Even though there were traffic lights it was more enjoyable (with memories).

Getting back to the car’s GPS trip advisor:  Several years ago, we drove to the Gulf in Florida for a vacation.  We used the trip adviser.  With about 30 miles more to go it told us to turn off the highway onto a road just before approaching a big long bridge.  We turned as advised and found ourselves in a low income neighborhood. 

We still trusted the system to lead us the best way to our destination.  People standing on corners, broken down cars, some cars with no wheels kids playing in the streets, women sitting on steps, gang-related-looking people smoking…. Smoking?  Danger!
We came to a dead in.  The system told us to get out and start walking to our destination.   Really!

After that we decided to finish up the trip the old fashion way, looking at road signs.


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