Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Good Deed to Elderly Ladies Will Be Paid Back In Torture

On my Saturday morning rounds I went to Wallmart Grocery Store to buy a certain item cheaper.
On the way back to the truck I saw an elderly woman with a grocery cart by her car putting sacks of groceries into car's trunk.  On the bottom level of her cart were two big packs of multi bottles of water.  I think they were 12 bottles per case.
"I wonder how she is going to handle the water packs?  They are heavy."  I thought to myself
A little invisible conscience-guy sitting on my shoulder poked me in the skin and said, "You could help her!"
I said, "I didn't think of that!  So, I can!"
I put my purchases into the truck and walked back to the elderly lady.  I asked her could I help her with the water.
She said, "Thank you!  I was wondering how I was going to do this."
I put the two water packages into the truck.
So to top things off with a bonus flavor I reached for  the handle of her grocery cart to carry it back, to save her a bit more work.
I noticed she gasped.  I looked up to see a face of horror.  I looked at her cart and her pocketbook was still in it.
I stopped reaching.  She, unsmiling, told me to be careful.
I went back to my car.

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I went to Krogers to pick up an item Wallmart Grocery did not have.
As I was walking in I saw another elderly lady pushing a cart out.  She was wearing a BLUEBIRD CAFE tee-shirt.
Being nice and sometimes complementary, I said to her, "That is a great place!"
She, probably thinking I was talking about her chest, looked at me at what appeared to be one eye squinting accusing asked, "What is a great place?"
I said, "The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville."
She said she had never been there.  The tee-shirt belonged to her late sister and now she is in Heaven.  She went on to say that her late sister and her other sister (still living) went to The Bluebird Cafe and she had to go through her sister's belongings and liked the shirt and decided to keep it.
But now, she is in a better place, she is with Jesus.
What can you say to something like that?

I nodded and hurriedly disappeared into the store.


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