Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The British Royalty Acting Human

On NPR TV we got to watch the England's Royal Family watch their home movies and make candid comments.
A lot of the home movies were made in the 1940s, before sound was in home movies and of course they were black and white.

The movies showed the family members are human and enjoyed clowning in front of the camera.  They were constantly pretending to drop dead or one would break into a dance while the others were looking serious.   Or suddenly one would haul off and hit his or her sibling in the face, which appeared to be a knockout and then the other would jump up fighting.  And there were a lot of what we call today "Photo Bombs".

As kids they and their Royal cousins were their only playmates.  According to the old home movies they were very good at accentuating body language that they probably observed watching news reels and movies.  If the economy ever gets too rough for them I think the could make a living as street mimes. 

In one black and white segment it looked like they all attended a tea on the lawn wearing big fake beards, including the women.  I could not find a still of that event on Googled.

The good part, they, as a private family, away from the public do not take themselves too seriously.

I went Googling to find some pictures of Royalty being human.  I have to say I feel sorry for Queen Elizabeth.  She cannot be herself without a hundred cameras recording it, whether it be a yawn or an outburst giggle.  Although, that did not hold me back.


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