Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Memories of Two Marietta Buildings

When I cross the railroad tracks here and look south I think of the Kennesaw House/Marietta Museum of History,  Train Depot's ticket window, Visitors' Center, THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE (1862), and Hazel the Tailor.
Hazel was a little short bald-headed quiet man.  He had a little workroom on the ground floor of the Kennesaw House. 
Back in my high school days the fad was pegged pants, mostly Levis.  Pegged pants were taken up so the leg had no breathing room.  They were a tight squeeze all way down to your ankles.  Lord knows how we squeezed our feet through.  If you wanted pegged pants Hazel was your man.

The railway ticket office held special memories because my friend Van Callaway worked there.  If Van needed movie money he would visit his dad Carl Callaway at the train depot and receive movie money and a lecture.

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