Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bob's Garage is No Longer

Remember Bob Halliday of Bob's Garage?  I have had a few articles about him in Chicken-fat.  The Marietta Journal has had at least one article about him.  And GEORGIA, a magazine for REMC subscribers,  had an article about him.
He was unique because through experience he gave himself a self-education, of restoring old things.  He restored old cars, old service station gas pumps,  juke boxes, pin-ball machine, and I am sure many other things.
His Bob's Garage in off Shallowford Road in Marietta.
A dog park friend's son bought something for over a $1000 that needed restoring.  He took it to Bob and Bob gave him the price of several thousand bucks and told my friend's son that he was running a few months behind, so bring it over, along with half the payment, and he would get to it as soon as he could.  Which the young man obliged. 
Then Bob died.
The last I heard Bob' Garage is locked up and the widow is on an extended trip.
So, where does that leave the young man who left his funky electric machine to be refurbished and the down payment?
I am sure this happens a lot with one-owner businesses,

but it seems it would be a universal problem.


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