Saturday, September 09, 2017

Another Publication About the White Pass and the Yukon

Anna and I have both read some books about Alaska as I have mentioned.
And now, I just remembered another series of the "Great North" that I read about such as the Yukon and Skagway type of a gold mining town that had such as can -can dancing, gaudy dressed women waving "Y'all come up now!"  out of 2nd floor windows, etc.

It is  the  Walt Disney's comicbook series  on how Scrooge McDuck made his first million, which was mining for gold in the Yukon (which me were briefly there for about 5 minutes).  Don't let the Walt Disney name make you think it is by Walt Disney.  But he did own the creator.  Chances are it was created, written and drawn by Carl Barks, a Disney employee.  Below are some scenes from the  Scrooge McDuck Yukon series:  It sort of gives you the feel and  atmosphere of the Yukon and the nearby town Skagway doesn't it back then doesn't it (if your mind can accept a duck swinging a pick-ax).


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