Monday, August 14, 2017

Our Vacation: Part 1

As you can tell by these pictures we don't get out . much.

The first part of our vacation (one and half days) was spent in Vancouver, Canada, which was the first step in boarding the ship ISLAND PRINCESS.

When we checked into the Inn the tall young nerdy desk clerk proudly told us he met Johnny Depp who was making a movie there.  He added with a bashful smile that they shook hands

A lot of the working people we came across and spoke to came from Ireland. They were young and fresh off the boat and they gave me the impression they love to party.  Also, it seems they are always in a good mood.  Nothing seems to get under their skin.  Which made me wonder are they smiling with me or smirking at me?

Also there were some stevedore workers that might have came over from the U.S. to work to make more money.

When we went through Canadian Customs in Vancouver we had to walk and walk some more reporting to different officials.  We were not the only ones, there were probably several thousand.

Maybe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have a wall built and make the U.S. pay for it.

I learned a lot about Alaska and took a lot of pictures.  I have too much to put in one blog so would like to spread increments over several blogs.  It might take a week.  You can start reading and anytime you get get sick at your stomach you can make a run for it.

These pictures were taken in downtown Vancouver.  We will leave there and go Alaska.

Check back tomorrow or the next day for the next installment.


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