Sunday, August 20, 2017

Alaska part 5, Mendenhall Glacier

I'm sure you have head the expression that all roads to Rome.  Here is another one: No roads leads to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. 
The above pictures were taken on Gastineau Channel , one way to get to Juneau, the capital of Alaska.  You can also get there by plane  or by foot.  The terrain surrounding the town is just too rugged for incoming roads.
There were several excursions available  for us tourists in Juneau.  We chose whale watching and the Mendenhall Glacier. 
Juneau is not a big town.  I'm sure it would be even smaller if it wasn't the state's official seat.  The bus driver pointed out the Governor's Mansion, on the side of a hill.  It was bigger than most the houses around it, but not that big.  I did not have enough time to prepare before he driver said, "And the Governor's mansion is there on the left."  Wait!  Stop!  We just drove on.
Alaska, we noticed, have very few franchise fast food restaurants.  I think that is because most jobs are seasonal, based on salmon natural habits and the tourists' natural habits.  That being said, McDonald's opened a store in Juneau.  People came from miles around to try a McDonald's hamburger.   They sold out their first day.  Things like supplies have to come by barge, so the 2nd day McDonald's opened were days later.  They had to figure out a system, which I suppose they did.  Another thing about the local McDonald's is that it  is a notorious bear hangout after hours, around the garbage cans. 

Mendenhall Glacier

There is a sign about here that says something to the effect that if you were standing her about 40 years ago you would be standing on top of the glacier.

This is a lookout point where you can see the Mendenhall Glacier inside without the weather elements pestering you.

Inside the Lookout Point

stay tuned for Moby Dick


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