Monday, August 21, 2017

Alaska 7, Skagway

When woke up August 6, this rock cliff with painted signs.  

Ship Stuff

This perky young lady is from Australia.  She is co-hostess to a closed circuit TV show every morning.  Her and the other lady promotes activities to get the most out of your cruise.  I just asked her for directions.

Skagway has a public transportation system.  Two or three mini buses drive around town and for $2 a trip, or $5 all day.  The lady bus driver had a big jar with money in it.  It said, "Hibernation fund".  It is seasonal with the tourist

This building is made of sticks.  It was where gold miners filed their claims.

Red Onion Saloon.  It is more a museum with prostitute museum upstairs.  Back in the time Wyatt Erp came to town and the sheriff took his gun while he was in town.  In the morning he was ready to leave but she sheriff slept in.  He left without it.  It is now in the Red Onion's  museum.

This little town has a lot of totem poles and I'm pretty sure most of them have ravens on top.


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