Friday, August 18, 2017

Alaska Cruise Part 3, - The Eagles

I was on sick leave for the past few days. But now I'm back.  TMI:   I still have a cough and my legs are wobbly.  

And of course you know to click on the picture to make it bigger and prettier.

Our shipboard  neighbor.  He gave his mama  a cruise. 

The two above pictures our our boat, externally.

A young eagle who has not yet shed his baby feathers for the regal white feathers.

This is Ketchikan, Alaska.  Anna made arrangements with David Freeman to meet us at the dock and show us around to what we wanted to see.  Which were eagles and totem Poles.  

As far as Eagles go David carried mostly to creek that led into salmon canneries.  That is where the eagles lurk.

Also, just around the corner from one cannery was a laid back family with wood carvings, souvenirs, and homemade jellies. 

What is Alaska without waterfalls?

David told us the Native Americans consider the Raven smarter and superior over the Eagle.  They are crafty, using tools (sticks), and can stand back to figure out how to get what they want.  Here is a short video of a raven enjoying a salmon.  Never More.


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