Wednesday, August 16, 2017

One Amigo

After surviving a seven hour airplane ride Monday, Anna woke up Tuesday morning with a terrible cold..  We went to our doctor and the salty middle age PA prescribed several medicines and added what she really needs is Mexican Chicken Soup.
We lit up.  Why didn't we think of that?  We have used Mexican Chicken Soup before and it worked wonders.
For lunch we had Mexican Chicken Soup from Laraldo's and for dinner  Anna called Casadores and ordered two more orders of chicken soup.
I went to pick it up.
When I walked in the man who usually mans the cash registered said, "Amigo!"
I picked up the chicken soup and left.
He just made me an honorary Amigo.
Since the movie "THREE AMIGOS" I have always pictured an Amigo as one nearly dressed in tight clothes, a lot of little studs on his clothes, and not afraid of danger and adventure.
That hardly describes me.   My clothes are usually sloppy; my shirt is not tucked in; and dirty running shoes with its strings going every which way.    And yes, I am afraid of dangerous adventures.
But I'll take it.

I'm sure the Mexican Chicken Soup helped,  but Anna is a worse than yesterday, and now I have the cold also. 


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