Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Name Added

Yesterday after I added another name to my genealogy program data base the program flashed up a message saying I now have 34,100 entries and it went suggested I share with the Family Tree Maker company the names. Select Yes or No.

I selected No as I do every time I progress to the next hundred mark. As you may can tell, I don’t mind sharing.. On this blog I am sharing the information on my data on the Petty family now. And already I have shared the information of the Hunters, Ridleys, and Pullens.

I rather do it my way than for Family Tree Maker to put it on a CD and sell it and make money on my compiling. . This way I usually get a few emails from the family name I am showing and they generally share more with me It is never ending cycle.

Of the 34,100 names probably over 60 percent are blood kin. The rest are in-laws or in-law’s parents.

Hmmm. My shoulder is hurting from trying to pat myself on the back too hard.



Anonymous Reuben said...

34,100 damm. I was proud of myself as I just got up to 134 and though I was doing good.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


134 names are good too! You have more names stored in your family history than most people.

By the way, very of the information I have I personally researched and found on my own. My talent for BSing and hunting down people that already did the research and eager to share is the reason I have as much as I do.

3:57 PM  

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