Friday, August 28, 2009

Dining in a Winow for Advertisment

Yesterday evening we drove to nearby Acworth and dined at a place we have wanted to try. The restaurant is on Main Street in downtown Acworth in their downtown business section. It runs parallel to the railroad tracks and is one of the many restaurants and antique shops along the three or four block downtown area.

We have been to others in the same neighborhood and each is very gourmet type of eats and I think designed to attract the yuppies – they are the ones with money.

Which is fine, we like gourmet cooking – so, although these places are meant to attract the spending type we jump on the wagon for the ride.

We arrived about 6pm. The place had a very nice interior. It had dark wood, and fine looking privacy booths. A bar was over against the side.

When we walked in a man sitting at the bar looked up and studied us. There was no one behind the bar. I think he was the bartender. And there were three waitresses dressed very uniformly alike. I think we were the only customers there. It is a small place.

A waitress materialized and asked us if we wanted to sit in front of the window. If we sat there we got a free appetizer she said.

They want us in front of the window to show people that they do have customers too!

That was a tempting offer. We can be bought.

But the table in front of the window was small. We declined.

Their specials for the evening were blackened tilapia and spicy chicken. I gravitate to spicy foods. – I ordered the spicy chicken. Anna asked just how blackened is the tilapia – she did not want it heavily blackened… the waitress assured her it would only be lightly peppered

When the food came my spicy chicken was not spicy at all and the “lightly” blackened Tilapia was very spicy.

We swapped plates and we were both happy.

Then, another couple came in. They looked better to advertise the place. The shapely lady had on short shorts… her male companion was a nice looking young man with gray hair. They looked perfect for the window show. They took the offer of the free appetizers.

They did a better job representing the kind of people the restaurant wanted it to be known they catered too much more than we would have.

We were giving two types of bread as a pre-meal thing and two things to smear on the bread. One was butter and one was some kind of chopped black olives in an oil. I had little black olives pieces all around my little bread plate. That mess would not look good as a front window showpiece.

Then several people came in and several more came in. We quickly figured out they were gathering for a birthday dinner. I was wondering wouldn’t it be nice to arrange to have the whole birthday party sit in front of the window, then they could say without actually saying, “See? We have lots of people that eat here!”

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Blogger Carolyn said...

I don't like sitting in the window when I'm eating, or in the center of the room. That's just me, however.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


That is us too. We try to be keep out of the spotlight most the time.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Depends on the appetizer :)

Folks, back in the 50's, I think the only "real" restaurant in town was a place called the Trio on 41.
I remember what a treat it was when my dad took the family there on special occasions.

More fun than that was pigging out at Athertons after school, then Varners on weekends of course, and let's not forget the Strand Drivein where I was NOT allowed to go, but ....

9:09 AM  

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