Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Outside Concert

We went to a The Johnson Ferry Baptist Church concert this evening in the East Cobb Park

They played patriotic songs and movie themes that they tied in with scriptures from the Bible. They would explain how Jack Sparrow’s Pirates of the Caribbean was very much like a scripture about accepting Jesus and not suffer in Hell for all eternity. They had about 6 other parables in their bag.

The music was good. And watching the audience was interesting.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church sits in the middle of the very affluent area of East Cobb. You could tell by watching some of the pretentious dress codes that they felt very affluent.

Take note of the top picture. See all the white and gray haired people in front of us? At the time I thought that was mostly the audience but after I stood up at the end I saw that there were many younger yuppies behind us with tables and neat center arrangement and picnic blankets.

I would speculate that 85 to 95% of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church congregation are transplants, mostly from the north. The yankee accent is a dead give away.

A portion of East Cobb Park belonged to a late co-worker Norris Tritt. Norris was the scheme examiner. By the time he retired the Marietta delivery system had grown so big, from one post office building to three and now five, there had to be more scheme examiners to insure quality. I became a scheme examiner.

Norris was a man of small frame and very easy going, gentle, and polite. He seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Norris called in sick one time when he as near retirement. That same day he chopped off a finger while chopping wood.

Then after he retired he fell down his basement steps. He died from the trauma of the fall.

In time his wife donated a good piece of land to help complete the link from East Cobb Park to Fullers Park on another road. I think Mrs. Tritt donated the land with the stipulation they would name a bridge over the big creek in the memory of her husband, Norris Tritt.

By the way, Norris’s claim to fame was he is/was an uncle to Travis Tritt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed the music at the concert. I played trumpet in the orchestra on the back row (right-hand-side of your picture, although you can't see me because I'm leaning forward). We do have our share of Yankee transplants, though I'd say your percentages are a bit high... and because of the east cobb location, we do have some rich folks in our ranks (although I wouldn't correlate the Yankee thing with the rich thing too tightly -- some of them good ole' southern boys have done mighty well for themselves as well)... anyway as for myself, I'm a very not-rich transplant from a small town just outside of Asheville NC who moved to Atlanta looking for work... East cobb park is a beautiful place, and I didn't make the connection with the Tritt family. That's pretty neat.

Well, again, glad you enjoyed the concert!

3:09 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

We certainly did enjoy the concert. You and your fellow musicians did excellent.

My ancestors are probably from your stomping grounds in Buncombe and Henderson Counties, NC.

They are some natives that made it good... but I bet the transplants that are in highly paid professions higher than one would think... I still think it is over 60%

East Cobb Park is nice isn't it?

3:19 PM  

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