Monday, August 03, 2009

Bub-Ba-Q is BBQ

Today while on Hwy 92 in Woodstock we glanced up at the place that Slopes BBQ was at before they vacated, remember how nice it was. The storefront has been closed since they moved out, over a year ago.

Wait! There was a sign up. A business had moved in. The sign said BUB-BA-Q! Another sign said GRAND OPENING!

Who can drive by a new barbecue eatery and who can drive by a grand opening?

However, was it barbecue? we wondered. Maybe Bub-Ba-Q was a new process. We decided to investigate.

It was just like the old Slopes, nothing had changed, the tables, the pig decorations, the counter to order - all the same. The meat looked the same too.

Anna said her sandwich was a little fatty. I said mine was a little lean which made it a little dry. I solved the dry problem with some of their own bbq sauce labeled "Hot" and Anna solved the problem by using the "Sweet" bbq sauce.

I had Brunswick stew which was delicious and meaty. Anna had bake beans which she said was good. It was pretty good.

The hyper owner or manager looked like Wally Cox, not Bubba.

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