Wednesday, June 30, 2021

12 Feet Over the 6 Feet Under


A few years ago we carried son Adam to the airport. On the way back home we went a- round-about way to get some sight seeing in. We saw the restaurant Six Feet Under that we heard a lot about. It was on Memorial Drive. Across the street is the famous Oakland Cemetery.

I think we instantly decided to eat at 6’ Under. We did and the food was delicious. I still remember I had some kind of fish soup which was in a class by itself. After we ate and paid we saw a set of stairs going up to the rooftop The décor was so outstanding on ground level I was curious what would be on top.

We walked the stairs up and went out. There were plenty of tables and chairs. But décor wise, the ground floor wins. The best thing about being on top of the Sic Feet Under Restaurant, which I suppose was the Twenty-fove Feet Up, was the panoramic view of Oakland Cemetery.

We saw it and now it was time to leave.

I opened the door the door we came through. It was locked..

We banged and banged on the door and got no response. We could not get them on the phone, I forgot why. I forgot if they couldn’t hear the phone ring or we couldn’t find their number.

We called our other son, Rocky who lived around the corner with his wife, and he saved the day.

I forgot how he saved the day. Did he rush over there or called them and got them where we couldn’t?

Picture of Oakland Cemetery from the top of Six Feet Under Restaurant.




Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Who Is The Real Eddie Hunter?


Just to let me know that I am not the only Eddie Hunter on Facebook, or in the world, for that matter, about a couple weeks ago Facebook furnished me. with about 9 or 10 other Eddie Hunters on Facebook. As yet I haven’t figured out what to do with the Eddie Hunters list. But it does remind me of the time a couple years ago a heated Eddie Hunter emailed me and accused me of using his name for my blog and demanded I quit. I congratulated Eddie for having such a fine time tested name. Then I told him I got my Eddie name in 1941 when I was born, when did he get his? Then I went on saying I started my blog in 2006, when did he start his? Eddie did not answer either question.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Natural Enemy


In our college biology class the professor gave a lecture that essentially said this:  When the British took over  Australia an officer’s wife brought cacti to decorate the back yard with plants.  The cacti took over the country side.  Why, because there is no natural enemy to cactus in Australia.  To get the cacti under control they imported in rabbits to eat it, which got it under control.  But the rabbits had no natural enemy, so the country side  had too many rabbits.  Then they imported snakes to take care of the rabbits and then…..”  guess what?

Georgia had a similar problem.  The farmers were having a hard time with erosion.  Good fertile soil was hard to keep in one place with heavy storms and all.  Some genius (?) suggested they plant Kudzu.  It was deep rooted and keep the good soil from being washed away.  Georgia bought Kudzu from Japan and planted it.   Guess what?  It had no natural enemy and got out of control,  I took this picture only one mile from our house about 25 to 30 years ago. 

Problem solved!    The Kudzu is no longer there.  A subdivision is in its place.  Humans need housing, roads, ball fields, tennis courts.  Yep, they found the natural enemy:  Humans.

Sunday, June 27, 2021


 Yesterday, June 26th , and today June 27th is the 157th anniversary of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864, here in Marietta.

There is no cartoons that I can find about the the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, but there is about the Battle of Chicamauga, about 80 miles north of here.  Art by Georgian Jack Davis; story line is History; and the fictional details editor Harvey Kurtzman.

click on each page to make bigger, war ugly, and readable.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Antique Road Show - GIMME!


About the NPR’s ANTIQUE ROADSHOW. After studying the expressions and body language of the people who brought things in when they were informed how historical valuable what they brought which of course increased the monetarily value, the wild giggles and foaming at the mouth wasn’t, I’m sure, giddy over the museum worthy item they brought would in the long run help mankind to study itself and definitely not the big wad of money they were about to get.
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Friday, June 25, 2021

Ava Pearl Prance (1890-1915)

 Ava Pearl Prance (1890-1915). She lived only about 25 years. She is the daughter of James Marion Prance.

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Andy and Nannie Pannell Morris

From Marie's Picture collection: Andy and Nannie Pannell Morris. Nannie is sister to Mary Jane Pannell Prance. It looks like Andy lost a leg.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Lake Allatoona, pictures

 A few years ago our son Adam gave Anna and I a pontoon ride all over Lake Allatoona, covering from the Acworth end and beyond Victoria Landing and all points in between.  It is a beautiful huge body of water.  Here are some pictures I took that day to prove that:

Voter Fraud vs Voter Turnout

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

No More Baby Fox


I have mentioned several times that there is a baby fox and a baby deer in our neighborhood.  I was not worried about the deer, deer have a good reputation.  When you think of a young deer you think of Bambi, cute and lovable.

But foxes have had bad press.  They have a reputation of being sly, and well, carnivorous.  Meat eaters without mercy. 

The baby fox in our neighbor hood was afraid of its own shadow.  It think he probably got departed from his mother at a young age.  He walked around our neighborhood in the wide open, not sure what step to take next and always looking around.   

Our neighbors across the street has a little concrete cylinder shape bridge at the front of their driveway.   I saw the baby fox several times go into the long dark round hole under the driveway.  I think it felt safe there.

Apparently the neighbor saw it go into the hole too, it was long until slats of wood were nailed into the ground blocking his passage underneath.

Another neighbor yesterday or the day before saw the baby fox lying on the side of the road dead.  He made a cross for the scared-no-more animal.

Sarah C. Moody Tyson (1815-1895)


This is a blog post that I posted in 2006. Because last Saturday we were at Conn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, in Ball Ground, Ga., Sarah Moody's old stomping grounds, pull it up out of the archives, just for breath of fresh air. And to spruce up the editing of it:
This tin-type is my great-great grandmother Sarah C. Moody Tyson (1815-1895). She was born in South Carolina and died in Cherokee County, Georgia. She was the second of ten children of Allen Nancy Murphy Moody. I think she spent her formative years in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Ga.
She married Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864) on September 3, 1843, and they had eight children.
She looks like she may have been Indian.
Ball Ground was named Ball Ground because it was where the Indians met to played ball. Now it is a place to go unique restaurants and go antiquing.
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