Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bell Reunion Sept 29, 2012

Some of these people used to be bad asses in high school and some wanted to be.  But now, aged and mellowed all they want is a regular bowel movement.

On the names below I think I knew most of the names and some others I took a guess.  My retention on new names is not so good until I have several doses of the same name.  So, there will need to be some corrections, just let me know.

Also, in the pictures, unless stated other-wise in an individual picture, the names go from left to right.

Also, click on the picture with your mouse to see it bigger and better.

Sisters Faye & Phyllis Murner

Mr & Mrs B Thurmond

Ken Chaney, Omar Owens, & ?

Clarence Omar & Joyce Owens & Sue Varner

Mickey Wilbur & Vernon Dean
This is a small world picture.  I don't think they are aware of it, but in two different worlds each had conflicts with me, in about the same time period (grammar school & swimming pool).

Mark McGee & Neal Lawrence

Phyllis Murner & Monty Calhoun

Rupert Raines & Ken Chaney

Vernon Dean pointing out something to brother Dale Dean with Rick Kendricks between them

Neal Lawrence & Calvin Wallace

aka Paul Roper & Mark McGee

C Baker & Grady Smith

Christine Knght.  I couldn't resisit showing the change in facial expressions

Bobby McEntyre

Charles Dawson.  I think he was the only ex-Bell employee there.  He was the lifeguard at the pool.

Joyce & Mary Johnson

Paul Roper aka Jackie Gaskin and Sandy Ramsy

Jennings & L'June Patterson

Arnold Guest
Jean Parrish

 Horace Armfield is chick magnet so just put him out in he midde of a parking lot and all you have to do is take the picture when the girls swarm in.

George Prince

Rick Kendricks & brothers Ralph & Bobby McEntyre

Doug Davis

Betty Hood

Jackie Barfield

Sisters Marvyln & Brenda

Jerry Kirkpatrick

Maiden name Coffey, stomping grounds Canton Hwy and Shallowford
R. Kendrick, Larry Miller, & H. Armfield

Marvin Shaw

Ray Denard & Horace

Milly Miller

Herman & Mary Meaders Johnson


It seems that heroic and mistreated dogs are in the news a lot now.  They have arrived!  Finally!  Now that dogs have firmly proven to be the now-popular item, I'm getting on the bandwagon!

Art by Bernie Krigstein.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Have you noticed this post on this blog before? It has been posted several times. Everyday when I had a new post this one slides down more out of view. When it slides off the page it is time to repost. Hi!

Have you ever faced a life-threatening illness for which there is no treatment or cure?

Have you ever become overwhelmed by the costs of your illness?

Have you ever had to rely on your family and friends to make a life-saving difference on your behalf?

Larry faced these conditions all at once. Larry was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Emphysema, and Pulmonary Hypertension. There are no treatments for these diseases and there was no hope for him without a lung transplant.

Larry was evaluated and approved for a bi-lateral lung transplant at Emory University Hospital in April.
On May 14th Larry received the call from Emory saying they had lungs for him. His transplant was performed on the 15th with excellent results. Due to the generosity of the donor’s family, he received a very healthy set of young lungs (to use the surgeon’s words). Larry is recovering exceedingly well and was released to go home on the 31st of May. He is gaining strength each day by following his drug regimen very carefully and by following a vigorous program of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

His recovery is great news, but with it comes enormous annual costs for post-transplant treatments and medications. I have known Larry and been his friend since the 5th grade (1953) so I offered to head up his fundraising committee. We are working to help Larry raise money to cover some of these costs. Fortunately, Larry qualified for a matched account in the Georgia Transplant Foundation’s (GTF) Fundraising Program, GTF will match every dollar we raise up to a maximum of $10,000, and then they will hold the money and administer the distribution for Larry’s medication expense

We need Your Support to reach the $10,000 Goal! Please consider making a donation to help us raise the funds Larry will need to buy post-transplant medications which will support the maintenance of his transplant.

How to Donate

Checks/money orders should be made payable to Georgia Transplant Foundation with Larry’s name in the memo section of your check. Please mail checks/money orders to Georgia Transplant Foundation, Attention: Transplant Fundraising Program, 500 Sugar Mill Road, Suite 107-A, Atlanta GA 30350. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Thank you for supporting this life-saving campaign.

The Georgia Transplant Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides financial, educational, and emotional assistance to Georgia’s transplant community, is assisting us in our fundraising efforts. If you have questions or want further verification, please see the Georgia Transplant Foundation website at or email
If you have already made a donation, please accept our thanks.


Paul Roper

Larry Bell Park

Friday, September 28, 2012

Videos of Bell Reunions of the Past

I thought I would try to get some more milage out of some old videos and recycle them again.  These are three movies of the Bell Reunions from the past two years.  Enjoy!


2010 (the Musical):

2010 (Meaningful Verbage):

0 Day Is Near

The below friends have left us since the last reunion.  We are getting the age that any of us could go any minute.  Appreciate your friends and let them know.  You may not have another chance.

Joel Jackson

Jerry McBee

Patricia Whiten Morton

Bill Rampley