Sunday, January 31, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Heck No!


As I mentioned the Marietta Museum of History’s Amy and Christa Friday, gave us a video tour of the Marietta National Cemetery.   Henry Cole and his family were mentioned a lot because he donated the land for the cemetery and so were members of the Fletcher family who owned the Kennesaw House.  Most of the Cole and Fletcher families are buried almost on top of a hill overlooking a large potion of the west side of the cemetery.

Also the book JOURNAL OF A LANDLADY by Louisa Warren Fletcher was mentioned and refereed to several times..  Which the book is now out of print.  I bought my copy years ago and refer to it often.


When I heard Amy and Christa refer to the book I instantly thought of my book and how and how I almost lost it one time.

A lady at Noonday Baptist Church decided to be a mobile library for elderly members of the church and she kept them in books to read.  When one finished one the lady swapped it for another one.

That was a good thing everybody thought except for one problem.  One member of the group kept losing her books that was loaned to her.  We jokingly called her the book black hole.  Lending her a book was like throwing it in a black hole.

At this time I was reading this book, JOURNAL OF A LANDLADY and I enjoyed it so much I shared verbally what I just read. 

I must have made it sound pretty interesting because the Black Hole lady called and asked to borrow it.  I jumped or leaped across our living room and in so many polite words I said, “HELL NO!!!”


I still have my copy.  Yuk yuk.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Buried Warriors

 This afternoon Marietta Museum of History's Amy and Christa gave an excellent Facebook video of tour of the Marietta National Museum. It made me want to drag up some of the pictures I have taken that subject:.

Norman Carsley is the father of my late friend Samuel Normal Carsley. Normal was killed at sea, body never found. Horace Crowder is mky father's first cousin. He was a D-Day casualty. The Pearl Harbor Memorial was created with the help of my late uncle Jack Hunter, who was a survival of the Pearl Harbor Invasion.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

For Your Eyes Only

 Forget the last post:

Facebook Post Jan 2015:

About last October a lawman knocked on my door and asked, in so many words, what I knew about the people that lives across the street. I said something like not much. They come and go a lot.

What I should have said: they go Resurgent's Surgery Group a lot : their kids report cards,; they like Slushies from Quck Trip; they like Duncan Donut; who their home mortgage is with; and more!

How do I know so much private information about a neighbor? because they don't use garbage bags, they just throw the stuff in a garbage container and they rarely put the top on it. On windy days we learn a lot, whether we want to or not.

Facebook Post today:

Someplace on my post today I reposted something I put on my facebook page before about the neighbors’ garbage, not putting their garage in bags and how if it is a windy day we learn more about our neighbors’ business than we wanted to know.

Today is garbage pickup day and a windy day. 

When bringing in our garbage can from the street at the edge of the driveway and street was what I thought a thick gauzed bandaged about the size of a small arm bandage that went around the arm.  I picked it up, then realizing I could be caked with germs threw it down.

I dropped it instantly and rushed into the house and scrubbed my fingers with soap and water.  Then I got a plastic grocery bag and slowly approached the white stained gauze-looking thing carefully as one would a snapping turtle.  I picked it up not directly touching it with my are fingers, sort of scooping it up. 

I got a better look at it this time. 

It was a used sanitary napkin.




I am taking a break; a breather.  Overworked.

Keep checking back, y'hear?

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Trammell Warriors and Mountains That Start With K


This is my great grandfather William A. Hunter (1842 – 1928) and his wife Emaline Ray 1846 – 1925).

William and Emaline were born in Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina.  William’s name for about the first 25 to 30 years of his life was William A. Trammell.   (long story).

William fought in the Civil War as William A. Trammell.  During the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in Marietta he was shot in the knee.  He recuperated in nearby Woodstock, Georgia, at a private home.  The people were very friendly.  In a few years he, with his family moved to Woodstock and he and Emaline spent the rest of their lives there.


William had a grandfather also named William Trammell.  William and his brothers fought in the Revolutionary War. During the Battle of Kings Mountain William’s arm was sliced off.  Kings Mountain is near the North Carolina and South Carolina border.

A young lady named Sarah Reynolds married him.  Some thought she married him for his military wounded pension.  When he got old and sickly Sarah Reynolds left him.

Did you noticed two men named William Trammell, during two very important domestic wars were wounded in Battles on Mountains that started with K?

Monday, January 25, 2021

Bambi-Bucky, Always Complaining


This morning on my walk  I saw Bucky/Brandi in a yard nibbling on a plant.  He looked up at me and I asked him how goes it.

He said, “OK, considering I had to sleep on wet leaves and keep one eye open all night watching out for roving coyotes.”

I said, “That’s nothing!  I forgot to turn on my electric blanket.”

Sunday, January 24, 2021


 This was torn from HELP Magazine from th 1960s.  It is by Gilbert Shelton, who is probably best known for his Fabulous Freak Brothers Cartoons.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Lottery Balls

 Late this afternoon I heard on the news how high the Lottery’s Power Ball and Mega Millions have grown. I instantly thought it is time for me to move in and win. I went to the convenience store and bought two tickets of each, a total of 8$. The clerk shown me a mega million ticket with 3 rows of numbers printed out. He told me he printed in error and he would sell it to me if I wanted it, I suppose it was for $6. “NO!” I snapped. I’m not one to throw away my money.

Panic or Pandemic Shop, check!


I got the first Co-12 vaccine shot today.  I got it at a Wellstar branch that used to be Dr. O’Barr’s office at the corner of White Circle and the 4-Lane.

I was scheduled to be there at 11:15.  Being an early- homophobic we arrived at about 11:50.  I stuck my head in the door and asked a uniform police looking guy is this where there giving shots.  Before I knew it I had a form clipped to a clipboard filling it out.

That was stage 2.  About 3 more stages go go.

On the 3rd stage a lady went over what I put down and I happened to notice she  was wearing a mask.  I looked around and everybody but me was wearing a mask.

I yanked my mask out of my pocket but put it on.  The lady going over my form said, “Thank you.”

Everybody was kind and polite.  The shot did not hurt at all.

After I got my shot I was asked to stick around for 15 minutes  in a waiting room with about a dozen other people that also just had a shot.  I guess that was a safety factor in case you were allergic to the shot or something.

Then I was out of there!

Harvey Kurtzman's HELP and Politicians

Since we have politicians on our brains  this week, I thought it would be a goods time to pull out political satire from the 1960s from the pages of  HELP Magazine.  My old hero Harvey Kurtzman was editor of HELP, so I suppose all the text was by him.