Sunday, March 31, 2019


Edith Gertrude Jones Wood (1898-1986), Anna's great aunt, her mother's mother's sister.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! HELP magazine, 1961, Arnold Roth's MOSCOW VISIT

Harvey Kurtzman's HELP Magazine, had some class A artful stories.  Here is one by Arnold Roth. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Ruby Laura Tyson

Meet Ruby Laura Tyson. A new old picture of a relative. Ruby was born 1904, in Gordon, Palo, Texas. Her parents are John Forrest Tyson (1863-1936) and Ida Judson Gilbreath (1863-1907). From the dates I have, Ruby was only about 3 years old when her mother died. She married Frank Williams born 1902). I do not have any information yet of their destiny. I think it is a good picture.

Friday, March 29, 2019


if this picture was taken on Easter Day or not. I remember when I was less than ten years old one Easter we, as a family, sat in the car on the Square in Marietta, timed to be there when church let out. It was enjoyable watching people come to the Square dressed in their best to get an after church ice cream at one of the Square's five drugstores (Jones, Hodges, Williams, Athertons, and Reynold's and Ferra). It was an impromptu Easter Parade.
Speaking of Easter Parades, when in the Navy, stationed in New Jersey, on Easter Sunday, about 1964, a bunch of us went to Atlantic City's Boardwalk. It was the mother of Easter Parades. With the exception of us, people were dressed up, gaudy but nice.

Tuba Skinny stills, July 2015

I loved to watch Tuba Skinny, out of the French Quarters, play their on style of ragtime.  The late Joe Stewart and I were sort of digital groupies.  When they were in the DC area he got to talk to Sheye, the leader.  He said she was very friendly.  Then, months later they came and played in Atlanta.  I'm afraid I was too aggressive with my camera and Sheye the wrong way..  I was too much in their face, so I took a step backwards.

They played in what once was an enlarged classroom.  A whole lot of dancing went on.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Beatrice "Bee" Hunter Crain 23 Skiddooo

before they had telephone dialing. Instead of dialing you would tell her who you wanted, and as a small town as Marietta was at the time, probably you could tell her the first name only. In 1931, Bea married Robert Spencer Crain (1903-1991), who owned several local businesses. They had five children and took in some of Spencer's orphaned kin and raised them as their own.
Bea was very generous and opened her house for family wakes, I remember visiting both my Hunter grandparents' bodies (two years apart) in her living room, and hosting big family get-togethers.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Benjamin's and Rocky's Visitr

March 23, 2019:

My Petty 1st Cousins

click on picture to make it bigger and more interesting.

My Petty family (mother's side) in about 1949*, in Varnell, Georgia: 1st Row L to R: LaVonn Petty (daugh of Leonard); MaryBeth Petty (daugh of Wallice, Wallace's arms around her, she died in 2008); Georgianne Petty Grant (died 1966); Cecil Grant (died 1958) (husb of Georgianne); Osmo Petty (died 1978); and Eddie Hunter (me - son of Janie Petty Hunter).
2nd Row: Jeannette Phillips Petty holding son Billy (wife of Leonard) died 2004); Leonard Petty (died 2001); Wallace Petty (died 2007); Thelma Cox Petty (died 1994); Anthony Rollins being held by his mother Opal Petty (died 1992); Janie Petty Hunter (died 1996); Viola Ridley Petty (the grandmother, mother, brother, or mother law) (died 1968); and Frances Hunter(daugh of Janie Petty Hunter), Frances arms around Harriet and Rhonda Petty (daughters of Wallace Petty).
3rd Row: Mary Jo Johns Petty(died 2000), wife of Tom Petty; Tom Petty (died 1979); Walt Ridley (died 1953), brother to Viola Ridley Petty: Ed Hunter (died 1988), husband of Janie Petty Hunter; Roy Petty (died 2000); and Sara Petty (not yet McLemore) (died 1999)
*based on a baby in the picture that was born December, 1948. That would make me age 8 in the picture.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Sunday Afternoon in Serenbe

Just South of Atlanta.

Photos by Sabrina (Mostly) and Rocky.

Henry Gable and Louisa "Lula" Kuykendall Wright

Henry Gable Wright (1836 - 1936) married Louisa "Lula" Kuykendall (1868-1923) 13 January 1900.
Henry was the son of Isaac and Loveuia Adeline Saint John Wright and Lula was the daughter of James Ephriah and Frances Eliza "Fannie" Tyson.
Henry and Lula had 5 children, which included Anna's grandmother, Lessie Wright (married J.O. Prance).
They are buried in Enon Cemetery in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Carol Ann & Jane

At Marietta events that involves the history of Marietta Carol Ann and Jane will surely be there.  They have been friends since high school. 
Jane is a descendant of the original Glover family that started the town off with mayors and factory owners and still have a strong presence.  The Glover Park in the center of the Square in Marietta is that family, and I think technically still owns Glover Park (below picture).

Back in high school a Glover girl a few classes behind me, I think it was Jane, asked me to write a skit for her.  She was running for Valentine Queen.  I forgot what I wrote but it took place in Roman and Caesar days, with Tony Mussaura saying something like “Friends, Roman, Countrymen, Give Me Your Money…”

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump, Rep

Daddyk's Birth Place

This is the house my father was born in. It was on Waterman Street at Waddell Street. I got to take a picture of it before it was bulldozed a couple years ago to make way for progress....(?)
the next picture is the Hunters out front of the house on Waterman Street.
Left to right: 1st Row, Ed (Daddy) and W.C. Hunter
2nd Row: Bus, Bee, Herbert, and their father Frank Paris Hunter
Back: Minnie Victoria Tyson Hunter.

Notice the way Minnie is looking at Frank: it looks to me like pure admiration.
Ed was born in 1911. He looks about 2 years old. The pictures was probably taken made about 1913.

The house was bulldiozed away about 2010 to make way for progress.

Angel, Marie, and Drew

My late mother-in-law Marie Foster Prance and two of her g-g-grand kids Angel and Drew.

I like the composure.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

J. N. Petty's Family

ame goes. Here her name is Mrs. John N. Petty, look, see for yourself.
I found this picture funny because of the expression on Mrs. Petty's face and the young man standing beside her. By body language and facial expressions I think just before this picture was taken Mrs. J.N. gave Jim (the young man) a painful ear pinch for misbehaving.
By the way, Ethel Petty in this picture is the second Petty I know of named Ethel. The first I knew about was is my mother. I wonder if my mother was named after this Ethel? She was her great aunt, but I suspect they were unaware of each other's existence.
Not that it matters in the grand course of things but Ethel shares a cemetery plot with her mother Mrs. J. N. Petty. If these mother and daughter ghosts ever have a mother-daughter heated argument Ethel Petty could do a slam-dunk on the argument by saying, "At least I have my name on my tombstone!" Then lie there with a smirk on her embalmed face for eternity.