Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Me & Navy 1

 Posted on Facebook 4 years ago:

This was FDR’s Presidential Yacht at one time. In July 1963 it was anchored at the Naval Yards on the Cooper River, of Charleston, SC. I don’t know if it is still there or not. I suppose at one time it was called NAVY ONE, when Franklin D. Roosevelt was on it.
I was aboard it one time. I was a transient waiting on my orders at the Charleston Navy Yard. While waiting we were assigned little maintenance details to earn our keep. One day the leaders took us to the docks and led us aboard this sea vessel, handed us brushes and paint and told us to paint he decks.
Then, daily, the Uniform of the Day was undress blues.
With a paint brush and paint I painted a section of FDR.s Presidential boat. Then, a wave rolled in and gave the boat a sudden quick rock. It caught me by surprise by knocking me off my feet and rolling in the fresh paint.
My undress blues was ruined. I don’t remember the detail of replacing them, but I’m sure I did.
I wished I was sitting in FDR’s wheelchair when that wave hit.

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