Tuesday, April 09, 2024

G-g-g-g Grandfather William Trammell's Grave Found

 First Methodist of Franklin, NC

I know this board is for Georgia cemeteries, but because of unique experience I’ll like to share this. Delete it if you wish.
In the early 90s I was communicating with my distant cousin, the now late Thelma Swanson. Thelma lived in Franklin and was very much in genealogy, so she had a lot to share with me. One of the things we discussed was my ancestor, William Trammell. William was a Revolutionary War “Mountain Boy” and during battle at The Battle of Kings Mountain, his arm was sliced off. I was convinced he was buried in Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina, because his son Jacob Trammell, who cared for him did.
Thelma said she would look around and see what she could find. Not long after that she got in touch and said she believes William was buried in First Methodist Cemetery, in downtown Franklin. She told me to come on up and we would look together.
I, and my two young sons, drove to Franklin, spent the night in a motel that smelled like cooked cabbage and the next morning met Thelma.
We went to the cemetery she spoke of and she believed it was a high tombstone in the shade of a big oak tree. We couldn’t read the lettering, it looked like the weather had partly dissolved the carved print.
“I know!” I said, lets go to a K-Mart, buy a sketch pad and charcoal (we bought crayons) and rub the stone.
Across from K Mart was a Burger King, so we had lunch.
We got back to the cemetery over one hour later. As we entered the parking lot we could see the tombstone in question glowing a bright gold color in the shade. What happened, while we were gone, the earth shifted itself a little, which now bright beams of light were shining through the leaves, and other sun light was sending light beams to the cars’ windshields and mirrors, giving it a fill end light. If you saw the movie INDIAN JONES AND THE LOST ARK you understand.
It was William Trammell.

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