Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pop Tarts


On CBS Sunday Morning News this morning we learned that Jerry Seinfeld mad a movie about Pop Tarts.

That reminded me that we used to traditionally on the day before Halloween give the kids across the street a sack of candy.  We did that so they would not Trick or Treat us that evening.

A couple years ago on Halloween Eve Day I carried the customary sack of candy across the street.

I  rung the doorbell.  The grandson answered the door, he was the only one there.  He hasn’t been living there long, so I explained to him why I was giving them a sack of candy.

He told me I looked like someone who like professional car racing.

I said I did not.  It is not that I dislike car racing, it is just my mind can just hold so many interests.

Later in the day our door rang.  It was the boy across the street.  He had a box of Pop Tarts he handed to me.  I thanked him.

Days later I told his grandmother what her grandson did.  She said he is now locked by the authorities.  He tried to burn their house down.

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