Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Garth, Postal

 I posted this on Facebook years ago:

Postal stuff again:

Most of the time I worked for the Marietta Post Office the Postmaster was the late Garth Cain. Every employee that worked under Garth has their own Garth Cain story. Garth had an unpredictable hot temper at times and a flirt. To the women he found attractive he was charming and witty and to others sometimes vicious or unpredictable.
This morning on TV I heard a commercial that had a let dog named “Lucky” in ir.. It reminded me of Garth.
One time at the Sprayberry Post Office, above the carrier’s time clock was a make-do sign on the bulletin board of a missing dog, it said their dog was one-eyed, tail chopped off, missing one paw, and other signs of mishaps. It said his name is (punchline) “Lucky”.
Garth saw the sign and, in a rage, ripped it off the wall and stormed off.
People close by who witnessed Garth doing that wondered why? Did he have a dog named “Lucky”? Did Garth sleep well the nigh before? What did he have for breakfast? What side of the bed did he get out of?
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