Monday, June 03, 2024

Another Invisible Man Tale

 The Invisible Man goes to Krogers.

The other day Krogers’ Pharmacy automatic calling service called and said my prescription was ready for pickup.
This morning was the first day we were shopping at Krogers since the call. I dropped by the pharmacy to pick up the medicine.
I stood at the window and they recognized me and the doctor told her assistant something and she looked through a bunch of prescriptions and brought me an envelope. She said, “Here’s your eyedrops Mr. Harper.”
I said, “Hunter!”
She laughed and said something, “Sure Mr. Harper!”
I signed for the eye drops and paid with my credit card and mumbled something like I haven’t been to my eye doctor in over a year, how come did send me eyedrops?
She said something like, “Check with him Mr. Harper.”
I said, "Hunter!"
She laughed again.
Walking away I looked at the eyedrop bottle. It was made out to someone named Hunter Harper.
I went back and told them this was for someone with the last name Harper. His first name is Hunter, the same as my last name.
The druggist said it was her fault. She recognized me having the name Hunter, so she got me and Hunter Harper’s names confused. She credited my credit card. She went on to say each time her helper said ‘Mr. Haper’ and I corrected her by saying ‘Hunter’ they thought it was just my way of saying call me by my first name.
I said, “I never met Hunter Harper, but I bet he is good looking!”
Not missing a beat the druggist replied, “Very!”
I asked why did their automatic calling service call and said I had a prescription to pick up. They looked around and couldn’t find anything, so had no idea.

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