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Nellie Mae Rowe


About 1968, give or take a year or two, commuting, I sometimes went thru Vinings coming home from work.  Along that same time a friend’s first cousin, who was about our age, was killed in her car, when hit by a train there.

That may be why I went through Vinings those times, to check out the accident scene.  Her name is Sandy. 

On one side of the tracks was an old house which had some unusual decorations:  little plastic dolls, notes, cards, empty cigarette packages, and anything one might throw out waiting on a train to pass.


I was amused.  I pulled over to take some pictures to share with Navy friends I communicated with.  When I did, I was soon joined by the owner, Mrs. Nellie Mae Rowe.  She was happy that I appreciated her stuff and  showed me around. She pointe out that she used bubble gum  to adhere the little objects.

She also invited me inside.  She had a room dedicated to Marin Luther King, a kind of a shrine.


She was an artist too.  She had some canvas art.  Very folk artsie.  She was a very gentle and complex lady.


I don’t remember if she told me her name then or not.  I was pleased when years later  we came across a special section the High Museum that had  her work.  Her name is Nellie Mae Rowe, born on the 4th of July in Fayette County, Ga and died 1982 in Cobb County.


Unfortunately, her home was swallowed by big modernoffice buildings.  Make way for progress, as they say.


I wrote about Nellie Mae this weekend because the Marietta Daily Journal, this weekend Edition, has an article about her.


The pictures by and  of her I lifted all the Internet.

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