Thursday, May 16, 2024

That Snake!


Over at my late sisters we have been sorting stuff.  I went outside to the driveway to put some stuff in the car and almost stepped on a snake.  I suppose it was almost 10” to a foot long.  I saw it just in the nick of time before I stepped on him.  It politely dodge my clodhopper and kept on moving.

I think it was a garner snake. 

He stopped and I shouted at it and waved a stick at it.  It didn’t bother him.

Looking closer at it I saw it was doing body rolling and some head jerking back and forth.

Then I realized it was rolling over the marching roll of ants sending them running and confused.  The ants were probably knew how to get someplace when they were following another ant.

Then is when the reptile would chomp down on the confused ants.

That rat!  I mean Snake!

That is the Law of the Jungle.

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