Thursday, May 02, 2024

Dumb-Ass Dial


The other day I wanted to email my cousin Liz and could not find her email address.  I could not find her telephone number either.  Today she called us to offer her condolences and from her call I wrote down her number. 

While I was at it out of curiosity I looked on my ipad and found the button “Contacts” and Liz was listed there.  Ahah!  Then, curiously who else I flipped to different sections and the one on that page was lit was magnified and lit up, my cousin Johnny.  Then his telephone started ringing.

I tried to disconnect but my instrument kept on ringing.

Johnny’s wife Jeanne answered the phone and said, “Eddie, here’s Johnny!”

I explained to Johnny I didn’t mean to call him….but… and went on to explain my goof ups.

Johnny said, “Butt-dial huh?”

It was more like a “Dumb Ass Dial”.

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