Saturday, May 11, 2024

Chimes, Humming Birds, and new word Tenacious


I learned a new word today.  Because of my oldest sister Frances’ death a dear friend sent us a very nice set of wind chimes.

That was very kind, thoughtful, and generous. Of her.

The wind chimes’ tones sound very sincere, dancing with the breeze.  At first we did not know where to put it.  The area that would receive the best breezes is also the best place for our hummingbird feeder.  The hummingbirds always come in early July except for ones in transient and late stragglers.   We were worried that the serious deep tones of the Chimes would scare off the hummingbirds who should show up in early July.  So, we called a bird feed store who also sells yard chimes.  The owner told us he doubt it, hummingbirds are very tenacious.

Hah!  Tenacious, new word!  I googled Tenacious and read this:

A strong grip or an unyielding advocate might both be described as tenacious, a word whose synonyms include resolute, firm, and persistent.

The chimes apparatus is hung up and is waiting for the tenacious humming birds

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