Monday, May 06, 2024


 Posted on Facebook 3 years ago:

The word I learned yesterday is DEMOCRATIZATION. It is the process that something new is introduced. First only the elite can afford the new item, such as when cars were invented. Then Henry Ford came along and invented the assembly line... then cars were massed produced and everybody almost everybody can afford one. Many items crept into our lives like that and suddenly it became a way of life and changed our life style... some examples: Telephone, electricity, lights, car, record player, radio, tape players, CD players, smart phones, videos recording devices, computers, Cable TV, VCR, DVR, TiVo, and there are much more to come that we have not even thought up yet.
But wait! The above were examples of the word DEMOCRIZATION. What is the word when these gadgets are replaced and phased out? Such as the record player and VCR? UNDEMOCRATIZATION? DE-DEMOCRATIZATION? DEMOCRATIZATIONLESS?

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