Sunday, May 05, 2024



This morning on my little, short walk I heard from up in the sky geese honking. 

I thought it is time of the year, time for geese to leave their southern homes and head to their homes in the north.

As the honking got closer, I think they sounded desperate.  The honks were hidden by my neighbors’ high trees.

Seconds later when they became closer and visible I could see there were only 3 of them.

Only three?

The two geese following their leader were keeping an uniformed distance behind their leader.  But they were not following the traditional Y formation.  They were in a straight-line format.

And not only that but they were flying West!

They should be heading North!

I think somehow the 3 got separated and up until then they and the others were following the leader who knew the way.  Hopefully, it they are having a problem, they will figure it out.


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