Friday, May 10, 2024

The Unpaid Parking Ticket about 60 years old

 Posted on Facebook 2 years ago

I got word a couple days ago that a Navy friend’s brother had died. He is survived by his brother (the Navy friend) and his sister. Interesting, he was a Chicago cop that I think belonged to a special unit. I think he was probably in his early 70s, therefore probably retired. I feel for his family.
I remember about in about 1965 or 66, I paid my friend a visit in Chicago. His brother, jokingly, wrote me a traffic ticket. Although it was a joke, it is still a real unpaid City of Chicago traffic ticket.
I am a fugitive of the law. For real. If I should be pulled over and they run my vehicle’s registration they might find the unpaid parking ticket, some 60 years old.
I might tell the cops the joke is on them as they throw away the key to the jailhouse

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