Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Neighborhood Pride


During this season at the entrance of each nice subdivision there is a sign listing the neighborhood's graduates. That is nice. That is community pride.
In the middle of all these McMansons subdivisions is our subdivision . We are mostly retirees and starting couples. We don't have a sign showing our pride in our graduates because there probably aren't any.
Not long ago on my morning walk I counted 7 or 8 houses that at least a family member that had been locked up in jail at least once, or sent to reform school or prison. (one of those was a white collar crime, embezzling - before he was convicted he a Mentor in Sprayberry High school's Mentoring Program).
I think it would be a good prideful neighborhood thing to put up a sign each time one our neighbors gets out of the "Big House" and welcome him her back home. We could tack the sign on an old oak tree and tie a yellow ribbon around it. What about that for neighborhood pride?

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