Thursday, May 16, 2024

Postal Coworkers

 I worked for the Postal Service for most of my work-life. I was with the Atlanta Post Office from about 1968 to the early 1980s then transferred to Marietta Post Office, where I retired the first day of the year 2000 (which was a holiday).

When I worked for the Atlanta Post Office I was mostly a time keeper and data collection clerk. I think our timekeepers’ office had about 35 employees. Most of my time as a timekeeper was at the Federal Annex, sandwiched on Spring and Forsyth Streets. Then the whole mail processing moved to a center in Hapeville, Ga., just south of Atlanta.
Doing time keeper research I talked a lot to the supervisors. One supervisor I became friends was Warren M. Bailey. Warren was over a LSM Machine (Letter sorting machine). I think we became friends because as a part time job he sold gadgets, electronic toys, computer stuff, and so on. And I was beginning to like electronic gadget stuff. He always was glad whenever he saw me walking towards him.
He told me that one time he was a supervisor at a branch, and somehow, he made an official complaint against himself, which is complicated. He as supervisor was following orders, which was complicated. It pissed off the Postmaster but proved his point, but was transferred.
His wife worked for the Atlanta Post Office, also, in the personnel office.
After I transferred to the Marietta Post Office, on March 6, 1985, one of Morgan Bailey employees, Steven Brownee killed Morgan Bailey , and some others, plus wounding some before some courageous people tackled him.
About a year later I saw his wife and his kids in front of K-Mart selling puppies in a box.
The incident is one of the articles in the book GOING POSTAL by Don Lasseter.

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