Sunday, May 19, 2024

LLama Research Retained


Yesterday I heard that Llamas are now being used for companionship in nursing homes.  I suppose they have a nice disposition and cuddly.  Although they seem to be too big to cuddle.   

It reminded me in the 6th grade at Waterman Street School, our teacher, Ms Miller, assigned each of us a subject to research and write a report on. 

My assignment was Llama. 

That was about 70 years ago but here are the Llama facts I retained:

Their name is spelled with two Ls.

They are natives of South America

They are pack animals. Like camels.

As a defense mechanism they spit on their opponent with a putrid foul smelling saliva, which does the job.


Now, back to being a warm companion to a nursing home resident: 

What if the patient makes the Llama mad like accidentally running over it’s foot with a wheelchair:  Will it spit in the patient’s face?

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