Monday, November 06, 2023

Which is the first Eddie Hunter?

 This past week I came across a person that I knew from high school. He did not know me from recognition (remember, I'm invisible) but I recognized him, once he said his name.

I introduced myself and told him we were Facebook friends. He was surprised. He said, "You are THE EDDIE HUNTER? I read your post every day."
Gulp! I should have thanked him for giving me more responsibility.
Or I should have told him no I am not THE EDDIE HUNTER I am "a Eddie Hunter"... wait, I mean "an Eddie Hunter".
THE EDDIE HUNTER is floating around in cyber space somewhere, and I don't mean me.
True, I started my blog in 2005. A couple years after that I got a heated e-mail from Eddie Hunter. He said how dare I infringe on his right of using his name on my blog. He said he was THE EDDIE HUNTER.
I wrote him back and said I was born Edwin T. Hunter, Jr., but was given the nick name Eddie at birth, which was in 1941. "When did you get your name Eddie Hunter?" I asked.
THE EDDIE HUNTER has not answered back yet.

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