Monday, November 13, 2023

Gladys Knight, a Pip, and Hil Hill


This mid-morning on THE VIEW Gladys Knight and her background group did two songs.  One of the songs was MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA.  I think she did it as well as she did back in the 70s.

Gladys is from Atlanta.  I think she still lives in Atlanta.

When I knew her music well three young men were her backups.  The three young men group name was THE PIPS.

Now, three ladies are the backups.  I think they probably did as well as the Pips.

One of the Pips last name was Hill.  He was married to Katherine Hill.  I knew Katherine well.  She was an Atlanta Postal employee.  Katherine was sort of a secretary for the night postal management.  With my job as a time keeper I got to know Katherine well.  After I transferred out to Marietta  I think she became a head Postal management also.  Years later I went to a Postal Retirement similar and she was one of the speakers.  We were glad to see each other.

Anyway, before I transferred to Marietta Katherine divorced the Pip with the last name Hill.  After the divorce she married an Atlanta Postal Supervisor, who also had the last name Hill.  His name was Gilbert Hill.

So, after that we called Katherine Katherine Hill Hill and her new husband Gilbert Hill Hill.

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