Monday, November 06, 2023

Tetanus Shot Detective Work


Yesterday the garbage can bag was full.  I went to change bags, opening the door under the kitchen counter and reached in for An empty garbage bag.  I remembered a few days ago stuffing a new roll of garbage bags into that space and it took a squeezing  effort to get them all in.

I did not think of taking them out in the future, which was yesterday.  So, I had to squeeze a garbage bag out.

The back part of my left hand was deeply punctured by an exposed nail.  I bled like a stuck pig, thanks to my blood thinner medicine.

We put some antibiotic salve on it and the bleeding stopped.

On the phone that evening we told our oldest son about the stabbing nail and he suggested I should get a tetanus  shot.

This morning we went to the Wellstar WalkIn near by.  We were asked when was the last time I had a Tetanus Shot, and I told the young perk P.A. I don’t remember but probably before she was born.

Actually, I got a tetanus Shot when my dog bit me but I can’t remember which dog.  I had 3 over a 50 year period.  I remember I got the shot in Dr. O’Barr’s Office but he fired me when I got  on Medicare,  which was near 20 years ago.

Then the PA got on the computer.  She asked did we have a grandchild  8 or 9 years ago.

“Why, yes we did!”

She said it is recommended you take a form of Tetanus shot when you handle young babies!”

We remembered getting some kind of shot to be able safely to handle our new grandson.

The PA added that ten year rule has been changed to 5 years, so I still need a shot, which she gave me.


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