Friday, November 10, 2023

I Came On To Hot Lips

 This is Veteran’s Week, and Friday will be Veteran’s Day. Of course both the day and the week are to pay tribute and say “Thank You For Serving” to the men and women who served, and many times gave the ultimate, themselves.

All I can say is, “Aww Shucks, it wasn’t nothing.”
But now that we are talking about war and veterans of those wars. It reminds me of the movie named MASH and the TV sitcom of the same name. MASH was a field hospital in the Korean War in the early 1950s, which technically, hasn’t ended.
The TV version of MASH was the longest running war sitcom ever. The movie was first and also was a big hit.
In both TV and movie they had the same characters, mostly different actors, but same names.
In the movie MASH the main nurse got caught making out with a doctor and he said in a moment of passion she had hot lips. From then on her nickname was “Hot Lips!”
In the movie HOT LIPS real name was Major Margaret Hoolahan and played by Sally Kellerman (1937-2022).
After we were married but before kids, about early 1970s. I joined the PLAYBOY CLUB.
The first time we went to THE PLAYBOY in Atlanta we ran into Anna’s first cousin Franklin and his wife Karhy. We sat together.
The entertainment that night was a country and western band. I forgot the name of it, but I recognized the female lead singer. It was HOT LIPS!
At their first break I went down front and asked her was her name Sally Kellerman. She smiled and said yes. She was very friendly. Maybe she was worried that I might have a sack of rotten tomatoes hidden under our table. I think she was just starting in the music entertaining business.

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