Tuesday, November 07, 2023



Several months ago we had a big tree cut down and three or four trimmed.  The guy that did the was a tree cutting expert.  I’ll call him K.  K took over the business from his father, and now K is grooming one of his sons to take over the business from him someday.

K told us he thought he was in high school with our neighbor.  He saud he looked a lot like the guy in school with him, but he was a few years ahead of him.  I’ll call our neighbor G.

Last week G came over wanting to know the name and number of the man who cut our trees, K.

We gave G the name and number of K.

In a day or two I saw K and G in G’s back yard talking and looking at trees.  Later that day G told me K would be over Monday to do some trimming.  He added that he and K went to the same high school but he did not remember him.   Then we talked about how K knew his trees, he just swing around on those tree branches like Tarzan and laughed because he or I had any vines for him to swing on.

Monday:  K came and trimmed G’s trees.  One time I looked out I den’s window and I saw G and K talking and it appeared that K was explaining something go G.  K was pointing and G was nodding.

G leaned over and plucked a small twig with a leaf off K’s shoulder  That was touching.

Thirty to forty years ago they were in the same school and did not even recognize each other, now they do.

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