Saturday, November 18, 2023

Have Gun Will Travel (and follow)

 Bethany Baptist Church, Union County, Ga. I don't know the relationship of John and Joseph Lance, but by surname and location I think they were related. Back in early Union County, Ga days dueling was legal. If one had a dispute with someone, you could challenge him to a duel. Also, it was legal not to fight your own duels. You could hire someone to stand in for you. Joseph Lance lived in North Carolina, and was called to Union County, to professionally stand in for someone in a duel. Joseph won. Joseph like Union County, Ga. He thought the local folks were so nice and polite, he decided that he and his family would move there, which they did. Joseph Lance (1809-1879) was married to Elizabeth Hunter (1799-1875), my distant cousin and daughter of my ancestor John Hunter. I think John Hunter and his family probably moved to Union County about the same rime their oldest daughter moved there, to be close to his grandkids.

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