Saturday, November 11, 2023



When I was a mail clerk at the Postal Service Chic Fil a opened up a new store just down the street.  One morning the manager of Chic Fill brought enough chicken & biscuit for all us workers, free.  He brought the free samples at a crucial time in the morning when getting out the mail was urgent. 

The supervisor decided that one person could go and pick up enough chicken & biscuit free samples and bring them back to the clerks so they could munch on the biscuits while they were still hot and work at the same time.

She went up and disappeared.  Later we found out she sat down and ate her chicken and biscuits.  Then she came back telling us how delicious it was.  We asked her where the rest were.  She said they were probably still on the table.

“Why didn’t you bring them back to us?”

“Why should I?  I got mine!”

She said she misunderstood that she was suppose to bring all the biscuits back for us.

For weeks afterwards we all jokingly said alot, “I GOT MINE!”


So today, I GOT MINE!

Free lunch for Vets! 

I had a delicious free Turkey Burger and sweet potato fries at BAD DADDY’S BURGERS.


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