Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Fellow Postal Retirees & Killer Teenage Killer Neighbor

 This is fellow retired postal employee Carol. I ran into Carol at a grocery store. Carol was a relief rural route carrier. Then she wasn’t. Then she was a Target employee. Who knows what goes on particulars that go on in people’s mind that impel them to do what they do.

Carol lived next door to fine family in a nice East Cobb subdivision off Trickum Road. If I remember correctly a little kid of the nice family next door banged on their door in the middle of night. The reason the little girl was banging her big brother, a teenage was on a killing rampage. He had just stabbed to death their parents.
It so happened that another close by neighbor was also a Marietta Postal employee, a supervisor, named Keith. Keith is very athletic, involved in sports and a smooth taker. I forgot the details but I think Keith was involved getting the teenage boy captured.

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