Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Do Rocketts Grow Old?


This morning on THE TODAY SHOW they had a brief recognition of NBC RADIO CITY’s ROCKETTS.   Being stationed near NYC I have seen THE ROCKETTS and on Anna’s and my visit to the city I have seen them more than a few times.  Beside their shapely legs they are also experts at synchrony dancing.  Impressive!

But like us all, Rockett dancers grow old and have to find something else other than high kicking dancing.

Which reminds me of my Navy time in New Jersey back in the 1960s I knew of an elderly ex-Rockett. That was her claim to fame. She often attended an Irish Bar, I think the same of it was Murphy’s.  Also, Murphy’s had another interesting person as an interesting character:f  Barney the Paper Boy.  He was old and very Irish.  He loved to sing old Irish songs and cry.

Barney he Paper Boy an the retired Rockett were very interesting characters and probably their presence drew in customers. 

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