Sunday, November 12, 2023

Patricia Whitten

 Posted on Facebook 2 years ago:

Patricia Whiten.. This picture was taken about 2009 at a meeting of getting a Vaners Annual Reunions. I’m a couple years older than Patricia. About 51 years earlier she asked me could she ride to summer school with me, she had no transportation there. She knew I had to go to Summer pass the 11th grade and she had a class she had o pass.
On the ride to and from school we gossiped about our common friends, TV shows, and whatever else. I think it was always general with not much personal.
Then one morning between classes somebody, I forgot who and I r had a car race. Patricia was in the car. I chased whats-his-name down Polk Street at a high speed. He was so much ahead of me I lost sight of him but I was srtill at high speed. What I did not know he was waiting on me behind the Mountain View Cemetery, fairly near their back gate. When I saw the car I was chsing it seemed like we were about 10 fee from them and we were going high speed. I slammed on the brakes and the screech and squalled something terrible and car did a spin. But we missed them. No wreck!
Patricia chewed me out in a loud voice and kept on chewing me out in her loud voice. I don’t remember if she rode back with me or not. Our car pooling days were ove.
I think we wen until I took her picture here without speaking. Shef forgave me and . We became friends again., or Facebook friends anyway.
She married and had a family.
She died several years ago

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