Thursday, November 02, 2023

Viola "Ola" Ridley Petty

 A year or so ago I did a Throwback Thursday We looked at William Elijah Joseph Petty. Today is his wife Frances Viola Ridley (1885-1968), a.k.a. "Grandma".

Viola was born in Murray County, Georgia. The was the 2nd of second of seven children born to Thomas Jefferson and Maryetta Ludarden Pullen Ridley.
She married William Elijah Joseph 2 December 1904, in Murray County. They had twelve children, nine that lived.
Her husband had lung problems and died before about half the children was grown. The grown ones helped her financially and one daughter, Opal stayed with her until near the end.
I remember my uncle Roy telling that she at times overcame odds to vote. He said she even got on the side of the road and hitch-hiked to the voting precinct one time.
Pictures: Grandma and Grandma surrounded by some of her grandkids.

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