Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another History Blog!

For quiet a while now I have been visiting Another History Blog by Professor David Parker daily. Out of pure laziness I did not have the professor’s blog listed as a favorite. The way I visited him was first visit the Elementary School Teacher’s Georgia On My Mind, who has his blog listed as one of her favorites, and jump over to his from there.

David Parker* has an excellent site. He is a history professor at Kennesaw University near Marietta. And by the name of the site it dwells on history. He is a very enjoyable read. He also brings up other thought provoking matters, but always falls back on history.

I always feel I am more of a learned person after I finish reading a new history entry from him. And the good part there are no finals or tuition. Of course, you don’t get credit hours either….

*Not to be confused with Spiderman's Peter Parker.

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