Saturday, February 20, 2010

Willow and her Neighbors


kenju said...

Noisy @#$%^ little buggers, aren't they?

G said...

Fences are wonderful.
That little runt would grab your leg and never leg go!

Eddie said...

The neighbors on the other side of the 3 dogs have complained. They don't bother me that much, as far as barking.

I think Skip's eyes are bigger than his teeth. He barks at me and shows his teeth like he hates me and could eat me to pieces. But when I visited over there it is a very charming little host who wants a petting.

I think the fence changes his personality and the other two dogs follow suit.

G said...

Well, don't go stickin' your hand thru the fence :)

Our neighborhood association just sent out a letter informing us that they have received numerous written complaints about barking dogs. From now on ...

First offense will result in a letter from the association (a friendly warning).

Second offense will be result in another letter (threat of a citation).

Third offense will cost you $630.

Eddie said...

I read that Cobb County is working on a similar ordinance. I suppose this will be a county law, if passed. A warning, and someplace down the line you will have to pay a $250 fine if your dog continues barking.

How do you debark a dog?

Anonymous said...

Rock, it's already been in effect for more than 7 years in Cobb for a dog to bark excessively, see below:

Nuisance animal means any animal that:
Damages, soils, defiles, eliminates or defecates on private property other than its owner's property or on public property;
Causes unsanitary or offensive conditions or otherwise endangers public health, welfare or safety;
Causes a disturbance by barking, howling or other noisemaking for a period of more than 15 minutes;
Chases vehicles, bicycles, or people;
Is in estrus and not confined in a manner which can keep it away from intact males of the same species; or
Causes serious annoyance to a neighboring residence and interferes with the reasonable use and enjoyment of that property.

Cobb County has a link for complaints:.

Info here:

Mike D

Eddie said...

Thanks! So, it is already on the books. I'm glad Willow is not much of a barker. I wonder if my neighbors know of this? heh heh.